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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I’m Comic Freak!!

I already have almost 100 comics. I really love to read comic. The most cartoonists that I really like are Zint, Kaoru, Xanseviera and Ben. But I still like other cartoonist. I also like cartoonist from Japan. Like Kikuchi Kamaro. I will spend all my money to buy comic. I never felt that I waste my money. Because when I buy comic I can read it for many time. Sometime when I stress I read comic, I feel better and my stress gone away. For me comics are like a medicine that can cure people. It never stress up all their readers. I also have a dream; I want to open a comic’s store. So for the comic freak they can buy or borrow comic at my store. Sometime the character of comic give me inspire. Sometime I feel I want to have a boyfriends like a character of the comic.

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