I'm doing this BLOG for what i think, i love, i hate, my sad and so many thing....

for those who don't like my BLOG i don't mind!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

exam fever is end!!!

my examination is end!!! i feel free... just wanna spend my time to read comic n outing with my friends!!!


Karma is a person’s actions as affecting his or her next reincarnation. Yes it happens to me. When I do something bad, I will get reciprocation or it return back to me. I’m breakup with one guy that I don’t love at him at all; he always put his love on me. And then I fall in love with other guy and that guy want married with other girl. I feel so sad and my heart so sick. I feel that whatever we do either good or bad we will get reciprocation. If we do a good thing, we get a good thing back. But if does a sin or bad thing of course we will get a bad reciprocation back. So when we want to do something let think first. Don’t do anything without thinking. What I'm feel right know? I feel I'm so looser.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What happen to my LOVE??

Oh what happen to me? Why I’m so poor in love? If I have in love with a guy, but the guy already have a girlfriend. Yeah truly I’m said, I have someone who in love with me. But I reject him. The reason is he is not my taste. I’m I really a choosing person? Yes I’m! But I really need someone that I can really love at himI also love with a few guys at my college. But they already have steady girlfriends. I’m really sad. What I really hard to get a love? Oh god, I can get a love? Have someone that I really love? I really want to get married.

I’m Comic Freak!!

I already have almost 100 comics. I really love to read comic. The most cartoonists that I really like are Zint, Kaoru, Xanseviera and Ben. But I still like other cartoonist. I also like cartoonist from Japan. Like Kikuchi Kamaro. I will spend all my money to buy comic. I never felt that I waste my money. Because when I buy comic I can read it for many time. Sometime when I stress I read comic, I feel better and my stress gone away. For me comics are like a medicine that can cure people. It never stress up all their readers. I also have a dream; I want to open a comic’s store. So for the comic freak they can buy or borrow comic at my store. Sometime the character of comic give me inspire. Sometime I feel I want to have a boyfriends like a character of the comic.

Everything between me and you is dun

I’m really happy right now. I already settle my entire problem with him. I know I lie to him but I make that for my life. I don’t want he take care myself and the entire thing about me. I really feel sorry at him. I told him that I already have boyfriends, my boyfriend is my own friends and I know he better than I know him. Now I can live happily without think about him and no need to spend my time and waste my cell phone credit to message with him. I also paid back my credit to him, which he has paid for me once. I think I’m not wrong. I do it just for my life. I’m happy to live single like this. I can choose someone to be my prince charming. For me right now, my love just for someone that I really admire. Only

Oh my!!! G-are u makes a mistake again!!!

What happen to me?? Why I’m accept him back to my life... I think I’m trying to have a hell life with him... he always wants to know everything about me... include of a simple thing I do... everything I need to report at him... even to my mom I never tells but for him I need to... pity to me but this is my own falls... oh man you really like bitch, scallywags, damn, shit and whatever... I really want to scream loudly!! How I want to remove you from my life? someone please give your opinion answer... I really need someone to make him go away from me... how about if I’m saying that I already have a boyfriend? It will hurt him... oh gosh I’m too kind... but I don’t have a boyfriend... should I find someone to act or being my boyfriend?? When I look at his face... I feel very scary!!! He never has criteria to be my boyfriend... I really feel hard to breathe... am I piqué his feeling? I think he always think that I’m giving a hope at him to couple with me... oh god I never give a hope or changes... what should I do now?? I really stress with him... he always control myself...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Estrella - Ternyata


cuti raya aji ngan study week panjang!!!
tp time raya kena study...
x sabar nak balik!!! miss my home very much...
especially my MOM n DAD!!!
Miss my Teddys... i got new teddy what name should i put??
i already buy train ticket.. i'm afraid going back to my hometown wit bus..
i need to came back at my college dis 22 November..
cos i have exam on 27 November...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

confius like putus fius

aku dalam bidang perguruan..
tp aku minat jg photografer...
camne erk..
parent nak soh jd guru..
niat ati... nak jd photografer...

fisiologi kanak2

tamat sudah perbentangan untuk subjek fisiologi kanak2...
huh susah jugak plan game utk kanak2...
everything for them must be a new...
it will make they not bored wit our game...
game yang di buat harus lah senang..
xleh r susah sgt.. yang penting...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


:.haiya!!! semester nie aku bz gila!!!.:
:.assignment makin susah!!!.:
:.dah la aku jd RExco Media utk kolej.:
:. masa utk aku lepak santai baca komik dh kurang!!!.:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


:: berada di PENANG kampung ku::
:: setelah berminggu2 baca komik dok relax::
:: dah lama x on9::
:: huh nak beli komik baru::
:: komik apa erk yg terbaru::

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

psikologi perkembangan kanak-kanak

:: x susah sgt subjek nie ::
:: tp still leh jalani subjek nie ::
:: assignment pown dah byk yg siap ::