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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What happen to my LOVE??

Oh what happen to me? Why I’m so poor in love? If I have in love with a guy, but the guy already have a girlfriend. Yeah truly I’m said, I have someone who in love with me. But I reject him. The reason is he is not my taste. I’m I really a choosing person? Yes I’m! But I really need someone that I can really love at himI also love with a few guys at my college. But they already have steady girlfriends. I’m really sad. What I really hard to get a love? Oh god, I can get a love? Have someone that I really love? I really want to get married.

I’m Comic Freak!!

I already have almost 100 comics. I really love to read comic. The most cartoonists that I really like are Zint, Kaoru, Xanseviera and Ben. But I still like other cartoonist. I also like cartoonist from Japan. Like Kikuchi Kamaro. I will spend all my money to buy comic. I never felt that I waste my money. Because when I buy comic I can read it for many time. Sometime when I stress I read comic, I feel better and my stress gone away. For me comics are like a medicine that can cure people. It never stress up all their readers. I also have a dream; I want to open a comic’s store. So for the comic freak they can buy or borrow comic at my store. Sometime the character of comic give me inspire. Sometime I feel I want to have a boyfriends like a character of the comic.

Everything between me and you is dun

I’m really happy right now. I already settle my entire problem with him. I know I lie to him but I make that for my life. I don’t want he take care myself and the entire thing about me. I really feel sorry at him. I told him that I already have boyfriends, my boyfriend is my own friends and I know he better than I know him. Now I can live happily without think about him and no need to spend my time and waste my cell phone credit to message with him. I also paid back my credit to him, which he has paid for me once. I think I’m not wrong. I do it just for my life. I’m happy to live single like this. I can choose someone to be my prince charming. For me right now, my love just for someone that I really admire. Only

Oh my!!! G-are u makes a mistake again!!!

What happen to me?? Why I’m accept him back to my life... I think I’m trying to have a hell life with him... he always wants to know everything about me... include of a simple thing I do... everything I need to report at him... even to my mom I never tells but for him I need to... pity to me but this is my own falls... oh man you really like bitch, scallywags, damn, shit and whatever... I really want to scream loudly!! How I want to remove you from my life? someone please give your opinion answer... I really need someone to make him go away from me... how about if I’m saying that I already have a boyfriend? It will hurt him... oh gosh I’m too kind... but I don’t have a boyfriend... should I find someone to act or being my boyfriend?? When I look at his face... I feel very scary!!! He never has criteria to be my boyfriend... I really feel hard to breathe... am I piqué his feeling? I think he always think that I’m giving a hope at him to couple with me... oh god I never give a hope or changes... what should I do now?? I really stress with him... he always control myself...