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Monday, February 10, 2014

long time no see!!!!! from UPSI to UNITAR International University

HOLLLA!!!!!! lama x UPDATE!!! but im still UP to DATE!!!!! hahahahaha
BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ.. (alasan utk semua org kan)
DONE my diploma kat UPSI selama 3 tahun!!!!!
now continue study DEGREE!!!!
kat UNITAR International University.. regional center at IPOH!!!!
start new LIFE at IPOH!!!!!
my new tagline IPOH IPOH MALI!!!!

bz punya bz... sebenar nya dh setahun wat degree.. skang pown dah semester 4...
thanks to all.. especially to this course sbb be nice with me...
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) Hons. thanks cos be nice with me!!!!!

RESULT???!!! hurm.... alhamdullillah... still pegang 3.0 above.... tp nk capai 4.0 susah sket... sbb all subject in english and i'm not good in english!!!! SABOR JE LA!!!!

p/s: to much !!! sign means i'm not angry but just excited because such a long time i didn't UPDATE my blogg... bkn stakat bersawang.. klu rumah sure dh macam rumah antoo ja...