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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

exam fever is end!!!

my examination is end!!! i feel free... just wanna spend my time to read comic n outing with my friends!!!


Karma is a person’s actions as affecting his or her next reincarnation. Yes it happens to me. When I do something bad, I will get reciprocation or it return back to me. I’m breakup with one guy that I don’t love at him at all; he always put his love on me. And then I fall in love with other guy and that guy want married with other girl. I feel so sad and my heart so sick. I feel that whatever we do either good or bad we will get reciprocation. If we do a good thing, we get a good thing back. But if does a sin or bad thing of course we will get a bad reciprocation back. So when we want to do something let think first. Don’t do anything without thinking. What I'm feel right know? I feel I'm so looser.