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Monday, January 3, 2011

until then???

When we were students, we had fun, freedom and never thought much about responsibilities. Upon graduation, everything changed. We need to work. We need to make a living... everybody is busy with their life... life is repetitive. Every day, we do the same thing over and over again. We only have a few holidays. It wasn’t the same as when we were in school. Life comes with many experiences. Everybody will have their fair share. The past will remain as memories... with these memories; we’ll learn to appreciate what we have and to keep growing. We’ll paint the skies with our bare hands. As long as our hearts continue to beat, dreams, friendship, courage... everything will exist in us forever.
In schools, student sometimes get away with their cheatings during examinations. But once out in real world. When they are part of the working society they will realize that the techniques they used in school would not work. In the modern world of technology. People can differentiate the originals and the fakes. Those who are unique, in a class of its own they’ll be in demand.
School life’s hard, but if one has the right group of friends, and then things aren’t so bad. No matter how tough things get, your friends’ll keep you from hitting rock bottom.

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